Believing for Healing List

Prayer changes everything

Covenant Partners

Raven Gate ( Darryl's Wife) - Family /HealingHealing

Andrea Kerney (Teryn's mother) - Healing

Dale Fernell - Healing Healing Cancer

Margie Dismuke -Healing Cancer

Elizabeth Medler - Healing Healing /Cancer

Valerie King - Healing dialysis

Nikki Rogers Healing thyroid

Fedora McLawhorn - Healing Left Hand /side Dystonia

Katierra Mc Million - Healing Healing

Ron Davis - Healing MS

Amber Murray - Healing Health Testing

Extended Family

Mona McNeil ( niece Angelina) neurological disorder

Renaude St. Sirin Antoine St. Surin ( Stroke Healing)

Yvette Harris (Husband) Herbert Kidney/Diabetic

Fran Gray - Healing Cancer

Brenda Bates (Husband) Kevin Transplant

Javen Chastang ( Anissa’s cousin) Muscular Dystrophy

Louis Williams ( Annssa Williams Father)- Healing; Family- Cancer

Marie Rene (Bella Mothers) - Healing; FamilyHealing Cancer

Jane Moreland ( Pastor Dale Covering) - Healing/grief-loss

Glenda Walker (Tay's mothers ) Healing Healing 

Danielle M. Jones ( Father David C. Jones, Jr. - cardiovascular & pulmonary disease)

Joe Dunbar (Rico Flores Grandson) Healing Brain

At Triumphant Life Church, we believe prayer makes a difference.

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NOTE: Any prayer request you share with Triumphant Life Church will remain confidential unless you want to get put on our healed prayer list.